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The resources under this section were designed to address Leading Learning in a time of Uncertainty.

The toolkits and the special module were developed as part of the KZN DoE Jika iMfundo Campaign and supported School Management Teams to lead learning in uncertain times.

The 3Cs – Care, Curriculum and Community – were first Introduced as a response to support the SMT and teachers to support learning under conditions of COVID-19.

The module deepens the discussions in the toolkit. It allows SMTs to process some of the strategies and to have space to reflect on what could be possible in their context to create a culture of care. The module includes aspects of leadership relevant for dealing with the crises and a case-study that further consolidates the learning on organisational culture relevant for learning. It also introduces Curriculum Recovery.

The toolkit was conceptualised and designed for everyone in the system to have conversations on the critical aspects of Care, Curriculum and Community. It also included guidelines that were easily accessed. The format was easily distributed and could be mediated in a short space of time and online.


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